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Best Practices Playbook for Telehealth Coding, and Billing

Let’s brainstorm on the best practices for handling telemedicine payments and the steps needed to start the visit, collect payments, document the visit, and mark it done.



  • Best practices for getting paid for Telemedicine
  • Vosita Telehealth new features v1.2
  • Virtual walk-ins using Telemedicine
  • Telemedicine coding updates

Time: May 1st,

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Vosita Release

VOSITA Release Helping Connect Patients with Top Doctors All For Free Patients can make in-office appointments. Patients can make virtual appointments (telemedicine). Call confirmations via email, text, and phone. Patients [...]

Medisoft Free Training Seminar

Medisoft Free Training Seminar

 Tips and Tricks Meeting (User Group)


Welcome to our monthly Medisoft Tips & Tricks meeting. In this meeting we will demonstrate how to get the best out of your Medisoft investment and use the software to its maximum potential.  All of the Medisoft training will be compatible with version 19 and up.