AHCA to Reduce Readmissions by 15%

Reducing readmissionsThe American Health Care Association has announced its plan to implement technology to add a hospitalization metric into its National Quality Initiative.  OnPoint-30, the Web-based interactive metric from data analytics firm PointRight Inc., “will help give our members access to the right information to make a difference in their performance,” according to AHCA president and CEO Mark Parkinson.

The Quality Initiative aims to set specific, measurable targets to improve the quality of care in skilled nursing centers.  Incorporating the hospitalization metric, and making available to staff the needed resources and goals, may reduce hospital readmissions within 30 days during a stay at a skilled nursing center by up to 15% by March 2015.  The technology can utilize data sets and analytics to calculate case-mix adjusted readmission rates, and healthcare providers can use this information to determine in which measures they are doing well and in which they need improvement.

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