Many Unhappy EHR Users Switching

Doctor with iPadMany EHR systems are falling short of user expectations and this is leading to many switching to new solutions.  Some of the main reasons for dissatisfaction are that many vendors have fallen short with updates, that customer support has been lackluster, and that some systems are cost prohibitive. Polls by Black Book Rankings had found that as many as 17% of EHR users were set to switch systems and a KLAS (an independently owned and operated company, which aims to improve healthcare technology by measuring vendor performance for its provider partners) study showed that 25% of physician practices were considering changing systems.

While some EHR vendors were backlogged with implementations, development was neglected and in these times of meaningful use and interoperability requirements and ICD-10 shifts, practices need sophisticated systems that are compliant, user friendly and offer tremendous support.  While these requirements have spurred the creation of several immature EMR solutions, there are still many that are first class and offer all that is needed by small and large practices alike.

Some medical specialties are reporting the highest percentage of dissatisfaction, these include  nephrologists, urologists, ophthalmologists and gastroenterologists.  Small practice physicians report the least amount of dissatisfaction.  But overall, studies show that over 30% respondents were dissatisfied enough that they would consider switching systems.  Of those considering a switch over 70% said that their current systems were ill-fitted for their practice or specialty and that the practice had not adequately assessed the group’s needs before choosing the system.  44% said that vendors were unresponsive to their requests.

Some of the top names in EMR systems that physicians are making the switch to are Practice Choice which is a web-based all in one EMR, and Greenway Prime Suite due to the rich features and intuitive dashboard which ensure easy work flow for busy practices of any size.

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