Most Hospitals Unprepared for Data Loss

data lossA new report by BridgeHead Software suggests that a majority of hospitals have not prepared for a catastrophic data loss despite considering it a top priority.  The company surveyed 158 US and UK healthcare IT executives and found that almost 55% of the respondents listed backup/disaster recovery in their “top three” IT investment priorities for the next year.

The report’s executive summary notes that the worldwide healthcare industry is generating almost a third of the world’s data, and 65% of the survey’s respondents said that the data volume had increased over the previous year.  Nevertheless, only 26% felt that they had “robust, tried-and-tested” disaster recovery plans in place for their facilities.

With 90% of respondents planning to go paperless to some extent with their patient records, and the amount of healthcare data being generated only increasing, data loss due to negligence, hacking, theft, or disaster is and should be a critical concern to healthcare providers and organizations.  Microwize Technology offers a tested, robust data backup solution for your medical billing software and EMR software, as well as full-featured managed IT services.  Call 800-955-0321 and speak with a healthcare IT consultant today for more information.