CMS Publishes EHR Incentive Recipients’ Names

doctor with moneyThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Wednesday published the names and business addresses and phone numbers of Medicare providers who have demonstrated meaningful use of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and received incentive payments as of March 2012.

CMS has posted a list of healthcare professionals and a list of hospitals that have received incentive payments, in both PDF and spreadsheet (comma-separated values) formats; the lists are available here.  These lists, organized by state, will be updated on the site quarterly.  Over $2.3 billion has been paid to nearly 45,000 Medicare providers by CMS as of March.

The HITECH Act requires that providers who receive incentive payments be listed through CMS.  Group practices are not included because the incentive program is not extended to them.  Only physicians, healthcare professionals, and hospitals that are eligible, have demonstrated meaningful use, and have received a Medicare incentive payment will be included on the lists.

Microwize Technology is proud to have helped a number of listed providers receive their incentive payments through the effective use of EHR systems like Lytec MD, Medisoft Clinical, and Allscripts MyWay.