EMR Software

Physicians across the country have the health and well-being of the nation in their hands, and their responsibilities as professionals require services and tools that they can depend on. For decades, many have relied on tracking patients' health status and past through paper records, which, while simple to use, has its limitations.

Paper records can be easily destroyed, damaged or compromised, and at a time when physicians need to transport medical information across great distances quickly, paper records remain a step behind when it comes to convenience. For those reasons and more, it may be beneficial for more outpatient facilities to consider installing EMR software, which can help simplify the medical records process and streamline their practice. Microwize Technology provides top EMR software products, including Allscripts and McKesson, and the experience and resources physicians need to bring their facilities into a new era of medical technology.

The benefits of adopting EMR software

Some physicians express reservations about switching to EMR software, but they may not be totally aware of just how beneficial such a change could be to their practice. EMR software allows physicians instant access to patient medical records no matter where they are, which could be particularly helpful to practitioners who work out of several locations and need to view patient documents from each. That can also cut down on the time spent physically transporting paper documents to and from locations.

Additionally, EMR software can provide more secure storage of referrals and other clinical information, while allowing physicians the ability to customize their medical records process to better fit their practice. Some practitioners may use EMR software to alert them to a patient's allergy information, something that could simplify the prescription process. Others may need EMR software that allows them to easily send and review laboratory results. There's software that can handle those responsibilities and more, a reality that makes EMR software an obvious solution to many physicians' challenges.

Whether they need to process insurance claims, submit prescriptions, or better track their patient population, outpatient facilities often find the versatility of EMR software allows them to get their work done in an efficient and timely manner.

The advantage of purchasing EMR software from Microwize Technology

Once they learn the benefits, many physicians realize the value in seeking EMR software. However, many accurately acknowledge that not all EMR software is built the same. That's why seeking the experience and counsel of the experts at Microwize Technology can pay off for outpatient facilities looking to install EMR software.

Some practitioners purchase EMR software and then try to implement it on their own. Others rely on remote customer support services, some of which are run out of overseas offices. The facilities that take either of these options risk frustration and confusion, and some walk away from their experience sour on the prospect of adopting EMR software.

The reality is that installing EMR software is not a task for novices. Physicians need to rely on a provider that can not only put them in contact with the most suitable EMR software, but one that can also assist in the installation and implementation of those programs. Since 1997, Microwize Technology has been an industry leader with regards to EMR software, helping to connect numerous outpatient facilities with an EMR software solution that benefited their business.

The experts at Microwize Technology can asses clients' current hardware capabilities, recommend the right EMR software, and assist with installation, training and implementation. Microwize's representatives aren't out for a quick job and they walk a client from start to finish throughout the entire three- to four-month process, ensuring physicians are both equipped and prepared to handle their new EMR software. That's part of the reason why Microwize Technology enjoys a success rate that's three times the industry standard when it comes to EMR software implementation.