Population Health Management Tools Make All the Difference

pophealth2Population Health represents a change in the focus from the individual-level, characteristic of most mainstream medicine. With Population Health, doctors strive to care for not only the patients in front of them, in their offices – but also to those patients that have not been in the office lately to make sure they are getting the care they need and preventing many chronic conditions.

Population Health Management utilizes a variety of individual, organizational and cultural interventions to help improve the morbidity patterns and the health care use behavior of defined populations including the management of chronic conditions that are not typically addressed in disease management. Management includes establishing precise patient registries, monitoring cost metrics, risk management outreach, communicating with and engaging patients, and coordination and tracking of health care and outcomes.

Electronic Health Record software such as PrimeSuite by Greenway can help as they contain dashboards that show aggregate information from several sources such as Prime Suite and the payers/the HIE, which can show gaps in treatments no matter where the patient was seen last.

With Microwize Technology and Population Health, you can drive more revenue into your practice, provide better and more proactive care, and lower the overall healthcare cost. It’s a win-win for providers and patients and Microwize has the technology to help you. Via the Greenway CommonWell Health Alliance community, a free service for Greenway PrimeSuite members, you can exchange summaries of care with any other practice or hospital that also uses CommonWell services. This helps you put your patients’ records in the right hands, and unlike most health information exchanges, this network is national. The secure data flow leads to connected care and, ultimately, better health outcomes as it enables clinicians to make the most informed decisions possible. To get started, call Microwize today at 800-955-0321.