3 reasons to hire a remote employee

Revolutionize Your Workforce: 3 Reasons to Hire a Remote Employee 

Having a reliable and competent workforce is essential. However, finding

 skilled professionals who are qualified and can work efficiently can be a daunting task. Fortunately, hiring a remote employee can help ease the burden of staffing and offer several benefits for your practice or billing company. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a remote employee for your business.  

great resignation

The Great Resignation and Your Practice

Some people refer to it as the “Big Quit,” while others call it “The Great Resignation.”

If you missed the ”60 Minutes” segment on Sunday, January 9th, it discussed why more Americans are quitting their jobs. Many businesses are having difficult finding skilled workers to hire. To summarize the segment:

  • More and more “baby boomers” have decided to retire and not go back to work
  • Many moms decided to stay home and not go back to the workforce
  • Others relocated to areas with more affordable housing,
Remote Employees for Medical Practices

Practices Get Back to Work and the ‘New Normal’

After facing a long shutdown, many medical practices are finally getting back to work and are facing new challenges.

Physicians and medical staff are getting caught up on missed surgeries and preventive health appointments now that COVID-19 cases are dropping and vaccinations are becoming more available. For many of us, it may seem as though every healthcare worker is on the front lines fighting COVID-19;