medisoft cloud vs on premises

What’s the Difference Between Using MEDISOFT in the Cloud vs. On-Premises?

Many healthcare providers use MEDISOFT, a popular medical billing software that’s available in both cloud and on-premises versions. However, it can be challenging to wrap one’s head around the idea, especially if they’re been using the on-premises version for years. “If I’ve been using MEDISOFT on my own computers for years now, why should I change that?” While there are certainly good reasons to own your own software and run it on your own hardware,

Microwize is one of the 29 International Companies to Sign an Agreement with Egypt’s ITIDA

Microwize Technology, Inc, is one of the 29 businesses that signed an agreement with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency of Egypt (ITIDA), to offer remote employee services to medical practices and medical billing companies. The signing agreements were witnessed by Egypt’s Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, and other high-profile figures from the Egyptian governments and signed by Mr.

Working in Medical Billings: Tips, Pros, & Cons

Medical billing and coding are the cornerstone of any medical practice, ensuring that insurers pay doctors and hospitals properly.

A well-run billing department is a great asset to any practice and is crucial to long-term success. We interviewed our medical billing team at Microwize to get their feedback on the medical billing and coding questions everyone wants answers to.

our favorite new features in medisoft version 27

Our Favorite New Features in Medisoft Version 27

We’re excited to introduce to you the latest version of Medisoft: Medisoft Version 27! Thanks to feedback from users, our favorite medical billing software comes equipped with a handful of brand new features this year. The medical billing solution you know and love is even more powerful with new features designed to simplify your workflow and optimize your billing process.

Medical Business 101

Business 101 for Medical Practices

If a medical practice is a business and for-profit, why is the business aspect of running a practice ignored in medical schools? I also want physicians who are business-savvy to stay independent while controlling the physician/patient relationship. There are some exceptions to the “business education” shortcomings. It was assumed by most medical teaching programs that when the physician started in the practice/business of medicine,